Encouraging pastors in crisis and transition



What Others Say About Pastor Assist and Tim Honeycutt

John Hopler, Director
Great Commission Churches

"As one who daily sees the struggles that pastors and missionaries have, I have often thought how wonderful it would be to have a mature and experienced pastor move to be alongside these Christian workers for their encouragement and support. Well, Tim Honeycutt is that man! I was so thrilled to hear that God had put this vision on Tim's heart, to be an 'encourager to the encouragers.' 

"His ministry at two Great Commission churches (in Kansas City and San Antonio ) gave him invaluable experience for the work he is now doing. And my anticipation is that Tim's ministry effect will be multiplied many times over as he works to support pastors in their churches. I heartily endorse Tim Honeycutt and his ministry. Please pray for and support Tim any way you can."

Dave Blum
Pastor of Evergeen Community Church, Manassas, Va.

"Tim Honeycutt … what a mega blessing he was to me personally and to Evergreen Community Church during these past three months in Northern Virginia. I spent 15 years in full-time pastoral ministry without another full-time pastor alongside me … it was too long and Tim was just what the Holy Spirit knew we needed.

"Tim was and is just a great and godly guy. I enjoyed our daily gatherings for prayer, discussion, ministry downloads, brainstorming, sports talk and laughter. When Tim and Gayle left, Vanessa and I were sad to see them go but thrilled that we had made long-lasting friends. I will long remember our dinner engagements as some of the most enjoyable times I’ve ever had with someone else in full-time ministry.

"Both Tim and Gayle started serving immediately at our Sunday services, pitching in where needed most and coming alongside our team of volunteer laborers with passion and encouragement.

"They enmeshed themselves into the fabric and culture of our church while honoring and supporting my lead role in the body. Most importantly, Tim became a de facto member of every leadership meeting, providing timely insight and perspective, all drawn from years of practical and relevant pastoral experience. Some of his suggestions have already produced godly results, while others are incubating and sure to bear fruit soon. Gayle showed keen insight as well into the pulse of the ladies at Evergreen and found ways to encourage and stimulate many of them to Christ-like love and service. She was an invaluable asset at our Women’s Retreat and was a major factor in its success.

"Authenticity comes to mind when I think of Tim and Gayle. They shared with us their successes and victories, but they were also honest about struggles and difficulties in family and ministry. This transparency attracted Vanessa and I to them and makes us yearn for more time together.

"Would I have them come back again? In a heartbeat! The ministry name, Pastor Assist, is 100% true … I felt absolutely encouraged, equipped, uplifted and empowered. My passionate prayer is that Tim and Gayle can return again and also see many other pastors and churches blessed in the same way!"

Lead Pastor Doug Brown
Lee's Summit Community Church, Lee's Summit, Mo.

"I have known Tim Honeycutt since 1986. We became quick friends largely due to Tim being so personable. We have served the Lord together in the same small group and in planting a church together and pastoring together for many years. I offer this recommendation for my friend Tim for three reasons:

"Attitude: 'In any business that involves others — either as your employee or as your customers — attitude is everything' (author unknown). This quote is especially true in ministry. Having known Tim for so many years, I can truly say that Tim consistently has a contagious attitude. He is an example to me in having the attitude of Christ that the Apostle Paul encourages all of us to have as stated in the book of Philippians.

"Personable: 'There is a friend who sticks closer than a brother' (Prov. 18:24). Tim is that friend. His amiable and affable personality makes it easy for others to feel comfortable around Tim. And the result, is a high level of trust. 

"Love: '…if you are going to play together as a team, you’ve got to love each other” (Vince Lombardi). Jesus said to Peter, 'If you love Me, feed My sheep.'  Tim loves not only loves     the body of Christ in word but also in deed and in truth.

"I am greatly encouraged to know that Tim is following God’s call on his life to come alongside pastors and leaders to assist them and to care for them."

Pastor Nacho Pecina
Grace Community Church, San Antonio, Texas

"I am happy to write on behalf of my friend, Tim Honeycutt, and to share how his character and work ethic have made an impact on my life.

"I have known Tim for about 25 years. For three years I had the privilege of working with him at Grace Community Church where we served as co-pastors. I had daily opportunities to witness and benefit from his many skills and outstanding character. To say that Tim is thorough and detailed in every endeavor is an understatement. Whether building a counter or developing a Bible study, Tim does excellent work.

"He is a man of integrity who is quick to see what needs to be done or said and then he is bold to take whatever action is needed. I have seen him show discernment and sensitivity as he deals with all kinds of problems and personalities.

"I value Tim’s friendship and trust his character and would not hesitate to work closely with him should the opportunity present itself in the future."